Design Services

Residential Interior Design


The Karanda Interiors team has the experience to give your home a touch of luxury. We balance functional design with an aesthetic appeal so you can live comfortably in any space! Let our team of interior architects and designers make your dream home.

Commercial Interior Design


If you want to create a space that is not only functional but also comfortable, then Karanda interior design services are for you. No need to be limited by the typical grey office space. With our expertise in interior decoration, we will make your workplace as lively and welcoming as possible.

Hospitality Interior


We can help you unleash your hospitality centre’s potential with a unique interior design that will leave visitors wanting more. Whether it be in the form of a hotel, restaurant or lounge – we have just what everyone needs!

New Builds


Start your next build project with confidence. We will help you utilise every space and corner of your builds. Discussing goals with our designers, we can actualise them for the best possible outcome!

Renovations and Developments

Imagine a structure that is luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. Enlist our services to determine the best designs for your home or office’s renovation project so you can feel grand in all of it’s glory!

Floor Plan Redesign


Your space deserves the best, with our architects and designers’ attention to fine details can update your construction project’s existing floor plans. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to redesign, we are ready to apply our unique vision to improve your space.


We know that the right furniture can make all of your space, and we want you to have it. Our passion for interior design includes furniture curation. Allow us to find the best pieces that suit your style and budget.

Lighting & Art Specification

If you want your space to be stylish and elegant, let our professionals enhance it with the best lighting materials. We will make sure that we stay within what is allowed by your property but still add some creativity in designing for a more sophisticated look!

Concept Design


Bring your ideas to life with help from professional interior architects and designers. We aim to evoke the moods that speak to you by strategically incorporating the best styles, colours, and themes in your space.

Blinds & Shutter Studio


Select among the most stylish window furnishing  to improve the mood of your property’s rooms. Our selection of blinds and shutters provides a variety of ways to regulate your home or office’s overall feeling.

Custom Upholstery

Allow us to tailor the fabrics and leathers for your furniture according to their exact dimensions. When you can’t find a store that meets your stylistic needs, we’re ready to take over.

In-house Fabric Library

Find your perfect design and variation on the Karanda Interiors team’s palette of textiles to furnish your residential or commercial space. Straight from our workshops in-house designers will work with you to create a space that is truly yours!

Our full service consultations are designed to help you every step of the way. From new builds or redesigning problem spaces to styling and soft furnishings.

At the initial consultation we will assess your current interior (or architectural plans) to see what changes and additions need to be considered. We will then thoroughly discuss both the aims of the design and a budget that you are comfortable with.

From there, we will be able to create a tailored plan of action for your individual project and its specific deliverables. An estimate of the time required to complete your project can be given upon request.

A rate of $250(Inc GST) per hour or part thereof will be charged for all face to face consultations, drafting and sourcing work with a senior designer and $150(inc GST) with a junior designer. We find that an hourly rate works well, as this gives you control to use our services as little or as much as you like.

Commercial design fee packages are available after the initial consultation.

All pricing quoted is RRP and our supplier names will not be disclosed.

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