About Karanda Interiors

Karanda Interiors brings over 45 years of uncompromising Interior Design experience to Sydney.
Founded and developed as a boutique firm, the team at Karanda are able to ensure that they dedicate the time necessary to each of their residential and commercial clients.
Our vision is truly stemmed from a passion to create dynamic, considered and timeless interiors that reflect each of our unique client briefs. Working alongside and collaborating with trusted trades we are able to ensure that our designs have a solid foundation from concept to completion.

about toni

Interior Designer F.D.I.A
With over 40 years’ experience in the design industry Toni can help you with all aspects of your project. Toni aims to make interior design accessible to all by customising services to each client’s unique style, needs and budget. Clients find Toni’s knowledge and advice invaluable with many clients returning again and again.
Toni’s interior architecture and design training, and comprehensive construction knowledge, enable her to resolve your complex floor plan issues. Toni will guide you through the design process, and can work with your builder, to ensure your dream becomes a reality. Toni’s passion is design and she gives back to the industry she loves by serving as a Counselor with the Design Institute of Australia.
Toni is driven daily by her love of outstanding design, creating unique spaces and problem solving. Guided by her client’s individual, needs and lifestyle, Toni aims to provide practical, timeless elegance through beautiful, functional design and decoration.
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Jelena Bruce

Interior Designer

As a graduate of Design Centre Enmore, Jelena has always been inspired by well-considered interiors that bring warmth and joy to clients. Her passion for interior design evolves from a love of thoughtfully planned spaces, carefully selected finishes & craftsmanship.

karanda kasey

Kasey Pogson

Design Consultant

Kaseys love for interiors and long-standing career as an Executive Assistant combine perfectly in managing our clients, suppliers and trades. She is passionate about providing a tailored end-to-end experience which focuses on friendly customer service and satisfied clients.

Jannelle Peck Design Consultant Karanda Interiors

Jannelle Peck

Design Consultant

Jannelle’s background in design, visual arts and management combine perfectly in her love of creating functional, organised and beautiful spaces. Her goal is for every client to have a home they love that also suits their individual needs, personality and lifestyle.


Our mission is to positively influence the lives of all customers with whom we have the pleasure of working and leave a lasting impression on their minds and imagination. Our designs must inspire and elevate the hearts and minds of all those who lay eyes on it. Our long-term goals are always in line with our core values. Our mission is to always go one step further – to offer an exclusive customer service to our client in Sydney NSW.


Our mission aim to shape spaces with “timeless designs” and want to be a Australian recognised professional interior design company, providing solutions in the field of high-end corporate, commercial & residential interiors.

Value Proposition

As a boutique interior design studio, we are synonymous with trust, integrity, discretion and excellence, and we have a unique code of conduct. We believe that LUXURY IS ABOUT PERCEPTION, CRAFT, AND THE BEAUTY OF DEEPLY ROOTED HUMAN DESIRES.
Our brand is admired, valued, and respected throughout Australia. It is the symbolic representation of our family values and our long history of providing unrivalled customer service.
Our mission is to provide you with the best service, to be in tune with your requirements and to anticipate your needs. Our reputation is based on the fundamental virtues of competence, coherence and reliability, and we provide a high level of expertise in interior design, renovation, real estate and floor plan mapping. OUR STRENGTH is that we can offer unknown or new materials that are not visible on the market.
We are interested in originality.
Our promise is to bring the best level of expertise to your project, and for that Toni Ford has chosen to deploy a team with excellent credentials.
Our values are based on humility, constant improvement, stability and continuity, sympathy, trust, originality and on challenges. We have dealt with mainly Sydney clients, offering exceptional interior design and associated services.
We develop and nurture prestige, artist-driven products, with a focus on innovation and a passion for creativity.
We provide suitable and timely solutions to meet our clients’ expectations and needs; this is essential for a trusting relationship with our clients and partners.
We offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that radically change the way you view an interior or workspace.Time is our worst enemy; our personal and professional occupations can take us away from our plans, but will be there for you, every step of the way. We will take charge of the entire mission through to the completion of your project. You will save time and worry.
Our biggest advantage is that we offer a one-stop solution studio for all interior decor needs. There is no need for the client to do any of the leg work. We work with you right from the blueprint phase. We can even assist you in coming up with core idea for the project. Our team specialises in bringing together all aspects of the project, from raw materials and labour to quality control and timely delivery of the project. We will be there to walk you through every touch point of the project.
We strive to build a strong client relationship based on trust, commitment, and integrity. Trust is the foundation of any client / interior design relationship. Your success and value rely on your being able to trust us to deal with any situation (project process). When we make a value proposition, we deliver, and promise to provide a top interior design consulting experience with an impressive client service throughout. So, we always look to add value to the client’s trust in us.